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Shadow Labs giant advertisement.

Shadow Labs is a company produced by LegoMan25. It's motto is "Be One With Science." Shadow Labs partnered with Redstone Labs and together, they bring "the new generations of redstone building." Soon they are launching Project: Power, a server-wide attempt to get under the bedrock, and power everything with redstone.

Redstone ExhibitsEdit

Redstone Lift:Edit

The Redstone lift is a build that harnesses the power of basic Redstone Repeaters to power 4 pistons on each side, thus creating a Redstone Lift. In the real world. they use lifts to lift cars for repair, and sometimes crates on the ends of forklifts.

Redstone Suffocator : Edit

The suffocator is a giant trap that can suffocate up to 20 mobs at a time. It's unique design senses enemies, and it gets ready to close in. It's range is about 100x100, so the mobs spawned in it will probably be killed. It also has a dispenser launching arrows out, only when it's night though to preserve ammunition.

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